November 30, 2023

Angelina Jolie Was P*ssed Off With Her Kids’ Nanny Flirting With Brad Pitt? “She Was Always At The Pool When Brad Was There,” An Insider Reveals

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s controversies and disputes are never ending. There has been too much of history between the two actors that can’t be resolved anymore, and ever since their legal battle for divorce started, they have been making it to the headlines, from fighting over properties to abuse – everything under the sun. However, recently in a media conversation a close source to the couple opened up that their kids’ nanny wanted to have a go at Brad, but here’s how Jolie reacted!

As per reports, Angelina was suspecting that Brad has been cheating on her with their kids’ nanny during their marriage and it had shocked their fans. Scroll below to know what might have happened.

Talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marital life, a close source to the ex-couple opened up to The National Enquirer, and shared that Brad has always been well-mannered with the staff, which is why the nanny mistook him for flirting. The insider revealed, “Brad’s always well-liked by the staff and friendly with them, but it became obvious this nanny was flirting around him and being a little too friendly.”

The insider further added that Angelina Jolie “noticed the nanny was always at the pool when Brad was there,” and because of that, her “paranoia grew even further” when she used to catch the nanny smiling at Brad while he used to take showers. The insider even shared that when Jolie finally confronted the nanny, “a huge screaming match erupted” between the two.

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